A good window treatment is not hard to find

A while back I was browsing the internet, checking my daily blog reads and I came across this.

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I’d been looking for something to put in my childrens’ bedrooms and was not happy with the options out there. Let me explain myself a bit. I have a girl and two boys. All very active children. My daughter has her own bedroom, being the oldest and the girl. My two boys share a room and are having a blast in the process. Putting curtains in their rooms which hit the floor brings up images of this…
Daily Mail

So I looked for a better solution. I wanted color, something substantial. Pelmet boxes. I did tons of searches, and came up with a simple way to do it. 
These are what I’ve made in the two kids’ bedrooms. 
First my daughters’ room. 
She just has one window so I made the box tall, and cut out a curve along the bottom to make it interesting and a little more feminine. I had a sheer hanging under it, but like I said, monkeys swinging on vines. That came down a couple months ago. It sits in the closet, waiting to go up again in the distant future.
For the boys room I kept it simple. Two windows, straight lines, geometric pattern for the fabric. 

So now you are getting nervous. You are assuming I took all day just for one window. I must have needed to have plywood cut, big fancy tools, a babysitter, someone to help me put them up. You are writing this idea off because it looks too hard.
Think again.
Have you ever cut foam core?
Have you ever used duct tape to seal up a moving box?
Have you ever wrapped a present?
Have you ever hung up a picture on a wall, or curtains over a window?
If you answered yes to all the above you can make a pelmet box.
I used foam core, duct tape, 3M picture hanging tabs, and I’m only 5 feet 2.5 inches tall. So there.
I did it all by my lonesome. It actually took me about 30 minutes to make each one. Easy, painless and I love the way the bedrooms came out. We get lots of compliments! You can make them as tall or wide as you want. Remember, duct tape is your friend. A hot glue gun can’t hurt either. 
I’ll be showing you how I make it on another day. Have your supplies ready! Fabric, foam core (I used two boards per window), duct tape, 3M strips. If you don’t want to spend money on fabric the first time, just practice on an old sheet. You weren’t using it anyway!
I’ll be making one for my kids’ shared bathroom. I wasn’t kidding when I referenced the monkeys!


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    It’s so much easier to find a fabric that coordinates with your room, than to look for ready made curtains and treatments…I used to spend hours going from store to store looking for the right color, the right pattern, the right texture, the right dimensions…it took the fun out of it…but finding a fabric and then making it? Sooo much better, it’s easier, fun and less expensive..

  2. says

    They look FANTASTIC! What a great idea! I had completely forgotten about this option. Thank you! I’m in the midst of trying to figure out what to do w/ my boys’ room. Right now it is just plain white and BORING.

  3. says

    I just discovered your blog, and love your posts.
    I’m now a follower.
    I’m in the middle of a major renovation, and you’ve given me some great ideas.

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