My barn door obsession

Lately I have felt drawn towards these….


I would love to include a barn door in our plans for finishing the basement. We have a whole section of the basement that we will be partitioning off to serve as the storage /utility room. All the things we don’t want to see on a daily basis will be in there, along with our oil tank, hot water heater and boiler. What better way to close off that space than with a barn door? 

This is the picture that started it all. I was searching for basement ideas and found this. I was in love. The space looked cozy but the barn door added such a focal point without defining the space. The search for more began. 


A punch of color on a door like the one below is such a simple way to add color to a space.
Southern Living
Let the hardware do the talking with a distressed door and oversized pulley.

Do you have an open floor plan that sometimes you wished wasn’t so open? Section it off with double doors like this. Now you see it, now you don’t.
Do you have some space for cabinets in your kitchen but not in your budget? Get some basic wire shelving at your hardware store, but hide it all away with a barn door. 

Add some windows to add even more architectural detail, as well as light between rooms.
Hide away your laundry room or closet. Get rid of those bifold doors and add a pop of  color while you’re at it. Who said your laundry space can’t be fun?
house beautiful
How about using mini barn doors to hide your tv? Put this over your mantle and let the whole wall make a statement.
Did this get your wheels turning. Do you have a space in your home that could use a detail like this? Hopefully I’ll have my own to show you soon!


  1. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a barn door obsession!! I love how they work like “pocket doors”–they don’t take up much space, and they add alot of interest…love that vintage farmhouse look.
    I’ve seen barn doors at antique shops, and always considered using them as wall art or as a table, but never considered using them this way..this is sooo good…

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