Rules for the bathroom…

My 3 children all share a bathroom that is still in the process of being decorated.  I got the “childish” themed bathroom out of my system with my last house. I had the whole matching fish set from Pottery Barn on display in there. I’m going for something that is a little more timeless this time around.
In keeping with that, I found this great idea for some wall art for the bathroom. Not childish in design but still fun.
apartment therapy
So I came up with my own version. Basically the same idea, I just added the line “Don’t get wet” because I’m funny like that. And if no one but my kids laugh then I was still funny.
Here is my version….
I printed it out and then trimmed it to fit the frame, leaving a white border. I love how it looks so serious, until you read it. It hasn’t gone up yet, I’m waiting on some fabric for the windows that should be coming soon.  I’ll be making a pelmet box. Very simple, very fast, very inexpensive and it really brings a room together. More on that to come.


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    I’ve seen signs like yours and love them – and even thought about one I wanted to customize . . . a line I’d add is “wipe your own poo” – but I have a kid, too!

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