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For the first time in my life I went to the Container Store today. It has now been added to my list of “Don’t let me go there with a credit card” stores. I found a new project in every aisle. I kept it realistic and came home with a couple good ones. 
My children have a container of crayons that is always out. The problem is that it is ugly and messy looking so I am always putting it away. I love that they want to draw and use their crayons so without looking too hard, I was always trying to find another crayon container. 

I found this tin container for $4.50 and decided it would be the perfect fit, with a little accessorizing. Enter Washi tape. I haven’t jumped on the Washi tape bandwagon yet so I decided today was the day. 

All I did was wrap horizontal stripes around the tin. Very simple and since Washi tape is extremely forgiving I could fix my stripes as I went along. I finished the top off with some more tape and a label from the Martha Stewart line at Staples. I see a lot of those in my future.

It was a quick simple project. I even think my children’s broken yet loved crayons look great in a new tin. 

My 3 year old heard me dropping the crayons into the tin and had to investigate. He sat down right away to color. Mission accomplished because I’m leaving the new crayon tin out in full view!


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    I love that store. Agree…you must use a ridiculous amount of self-control. Hahaha.

    I use three little metal pails on my kids’ homework/play table. $1 each at Target (yet another store where one must be diligent in, yet again, the self-control department. Ha!)

    Looks really cute. Having a lid is smart to prevent spills. Those “never” happen, though, right?

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