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I haven’t posted about the basement for a while. Everything is still a work in progress but let me show you some updated photos. It’s been a little more lived in (i.e. decorated) and is definitely being enjoyed.

Here is a before just to jog your memory…

Upon entering the basement you are at the bottom of these stairs. There used to be a doorways at the top of them. The doorway was removed in order to create a more welcoming space which flowed with the rest of the house.
The far wall contains the built ins we made with six pieces from the IKEA Hemnes line. They are definitely the main attraction of the room with an incredible amount of storage as well as display areas.

At the opposite wall is the play area with a huge closet for the toys. And since this is the pretty tour, I will not be showing you the inside of that black hole. Even though the area is the designated play area, it doesn’t scream it. As my children grow this area will grow with them. 

To the right of the play area, near the stairs is the laundry room. I’m still waiting to install a shelf in there running the width of the room so for now it is in design limbo. 

It has been such an easy area to decorate. The board and batten walls add so much character on their own. In this case simplicity is best. Adding too much would create such a busy looking space and take away from the architectural interest. 
So, what do you think?


  1. says

    Dropping by from HomeTalk! That basement is incredible! Love the barn door, I have been thinking about doing that in my home as well. My husband is army and deployed until December so all of our home renovation projects will soon be going strong again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    this is gorgeous! wow… what a transformation. love the walls, the sliding door and your “poufs”. i have one of those in a guest room. great job!

    • says

      This wall of built ins cost roughly $1,500, just for the IKEA pieces. Not included in that price is the molding we used to frame it in and create the look of one built in. I had priced built ins out just out of curiosity and was quoted four times that amount! The Hemnes is a great line in that the frames are wood. I measured out the width I had and was able to mix and match pieces until I got the look I wanted. I also bumped every piece forward since the tv bench stuck out a couple inches and I wanted it all flush.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m wondering if you would mind sharing the budget/cost for the basement reno including all the necessary work to make it in to a livable space – we are wanting to do something similar (and love the architectural detail!!) and would like to get an idea of the ‘realistic’ cost rather than the quotes we receive… thanks again!

    • Anonymous says

      I’d also like to ask about this budget and planning – how does one obtain your email address?. We have a similar basement/unfortunately low ceilings in an old bungalow 1800sq ft. – you’ve inspired me to look into it further. I found you here via link on your project featured on Houzz.

  4. says

    Wow! What a renovation! The board and batten and the barn door really warm up the space. It doesn’t look anything like a basement…it looks so inviting!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Your before picture looks exactly like my basement. I like what you did with the paneling and especially how you framed out the little window and opened up the stairwell. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says

      The stain on the stairs was a mix of Minwax Classic Black and Walnut. I was working with two different colored floors above and below the stairs so I mixed until I got a shade the matched both.

  6. Dorothy B says

    Gorgeous job! I’m wondering if you were able to use real wood on the floor or if it’s something different. You must be very happy with the room. It’s beautiful!

    • says

      The flooring is Allure TrafficMaster vinyl flooring which looks like wood. We have had water issues in the past so I felt safer going this route. We love it!

  7. says

    I also am as impressed as everyone else here and was wondering what the more realistic costs were. Love love love ur taste. How do I find ur email

  8. says

    Hi Christina- It looks beautiful! I love the IKEA built ins! Was it easy to match the white of the trims to the white of the IKEA pieces? There are so many shades of white!

  9. says

    Hi Christina- It looks beautiful! I love the IKEA built ins! Was it easy to match the white of the trims to the white of the IKEA pieces? There are so many shades of white!

    • says

      I had the built in as well as the walls and trim sprayed all the same color once the project was complete. That way everything is the same white, Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White. I agree, lots of whites to choose from out there!

  10. Anonymous says

    I too am wondering how tall your ceilings are so I can get a sense if our low (7′) basement would work with the board and batten wall.

  11. says

    What a beautiful basement remodel! We’re in the process of doing ours now, and i”m pouring over ideas and decorating styles. I love how bright and clean all the board and batten makes everything look. And you’re right, it does give the room “height.” We’re also incorporating a few barn doors as well.
    I’d love to know where you purchased the laundry room sink. Love it!
    Hugs …

  12. Amy C says

    I’ve got a bit of a different question – what did you do to get rid of the metal poles? We’ve got those too and I hate them as they’re so tricky to decorate around!!! Love the whole effect you’ve got going on. It really makes the space seem so much larger and brighter!!!

    • admin says

      We had three poles to begin with in the basement. We moved one pole over that we closest to the wall. It was supported and reinforced before we did that. The second pole was just wrapped with wood and is the one you see in the pictures. The third pole was hidden in the closet, no moving and no wrapping!

  13. Janelle says

    love the look of the “built ins”. Do you have a tutorial on how to, I’d love to do something like this in my living room but could use some help figuring out how to.

  14. Rose says

    You have done an amazing job! We have a hallway with a door at the end with a door to the left and one to the right, the one on the end and the left open outward, so we have plans to do a barn door there. The hallway is kind of dark, so I’ve been struggling with the hardware, and I love yours being hidden. Where did you get the hardware?

    Our plan also includes the board and batten, but I’ve been worried about the transition between the stairs and the floor, and finding pictures of how it looks are few and far between so I appreciate yours!

    What did you use for materials on the walls? Lots suggest MDF, but I’m worried about moisture. We don’t have water issues, but with the walk out and living really far north we can see temps range about 120 degrees, and with it humidity.

  15. Susan Lindeman says

    LOVE your basement! 2 quick questions for you:

    1) did you have any slope in your flooring (as many basements do) and if so, how did you accommodate for it? Shim under the units then adjust the height of the baseboard moulding that wraps the bottom?

    2) Since it’s been a few years, anything you’d do differently?

    Thanks so much for such great inspiration!


  16. Rachelle says

    This is absolutely beautiful! If you have time I would love to know the stain/paint you used on your sliding barn door and where you purchased it….seriously obsessed with it all!!


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