chalkboard meal planner…

With a busy household I’m one of those people that work best by planning out the meals for a week in advance and then doing the grocery shopping. While this all sounds extremely organized, there has never been a week that I’ve stuck exactly to that plan. Days get busy and plans change easily so many nights is a last minute check in the freezer to see what is available. I needed a way to see what meals I had available instead of a weekly menu plan.

The wall in my kitchen near my refrigerator had a charger plate I bought a while ago at Pier One along with a large fork and spoon on either side. 

I decided to have this display put to a little use. It is in an easy to see area and I’m able to write down the meals I have on hand. I’m forgetful like that!
I painted two coats of chalkboard paint along the center of the charger, which is made of wood. I then cured the painted chalkboard, which basically involves drawing all over the painted and dried area with the side of the chalk. After letting that sit and wiping it clean I was good to go.

Since it is chalkboard this is a very versatile set-up. In a couple months it might have a small grocery list or a holiday greeting, but for now it is working out quite well.

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