the newly uncluttered kitchen counter

I have a long stretch of counter in my kitchen that on a typical day looks like this…

Actually that is not a typical day. On a typical day there are a pile of dishes on the dish towel. A tool or lunchbox or box of cereal is also on the counter. Not to mention the random matchbox car.
After seeing the Fintorp series on a recent trip to IKEA I knew it would a great solution to my cluttered counter. 

I loved the look of everything up off the counter. One thing I’ve realized about myself is that I work better keeping a neat and orderly house when I set boundaries. This system of a railing which holds baskets for various kitchen items is a perfect example. Each basket contains things such as sugar, coffee, oil for cooking, salt pepper, etc. If an item does not fit in the basket it is not allowed on the counter. 
I purchased four of the rails in black as well as a four wire baskets and two caddies. After laying it all out on the counter the entire rail system measured out to 7.5 feet. Each rail can lock into the next rail so your can create the look of one seamless wall organizer. 

First be sure to find the studs in your wall. My husband helped me out with this part and after way too many stud finder jokes the hardware was up. I didn’t worry too much about spacing the hardware, even though they are beautiful pieces on their own. I love it when screws aren’t exposed. Am I the only one that buys a piece based on that? Once all the baskets were up the focus would be on what was in them and not on the mounting hardware. It was much more important to have the hardware screwed into the studs. 

I was putting baskets up at the same time as the rails. I’m not very patient and kept using the excuse that I had to secure the hooks first.

After everything was secured and hooked on I added the various baskets and caddies. One basket holds cooking supplies and is situated right next to the stove. The next basket holds sugar and coffee. 

Next to the sugar and coffee basket is a caddy. They are meant for utensils but I purchased two of them and placed them right in front of the outlets which I’m happy to hide. 
Inside one caddy is my cell phone and charger. Inside the other is my husbands. When we need to charge our phones we just slide the caddy over and plug them in. 

After that is another basket with tea bags and a plant (fake of course). The baskets slide back and forth on the hooks. I purchased extra hooks in case I ever want to hang something like scissors, kitchen utensils or even a dishtowel. 

The final basket was a last minute discovery. Each basket comes with a tray on the bottom. A very heavy removable tray! I took the tray out of this basket and it has become the drying rack. My home is still in the sippy cup phase so there is always a lid or cup drying on the counter. They fit perfectly in this basket and dry much quicker since they are not on a slightly damp towel anymore. I never like the look of the typical large drying rack. They always became a dumping ground for me.
Since this system is supposed to keep me neat and organized I’m thinking of drafting a kitchen agreement. If an item is too heavy or large to fit in the drying basket I have to immediately put it away. If an item is not meant for any of the other assigned baskets it has no right to be on the counter. If your cell phone is charged put the charger back in the caddy.

The Fintorp rail and baskets have been up for about a week now. The new system is definitely working. Here is the before and after…

Once my daughter saw it up and the counter clean she announced, “Oh good, now we have room to put more things on the counter!” I’m going to have to show her the new kitchen agreement. She’s almost ten. I think she’s old enough to sign it.

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  1. says

    It adds so much charm to the kitchen!!! The perfect combo of function and pretty. Your daughter should definitely sign the contract. 😉 I think I should print up a few for my kids. I battle counter clutter alllll the time. Drives me nuts. (We have a marble tile backsplash, so this organization method wouldn’t work for me, but I really love it in your kitchen!)

  2. says

    Looove the stretch of open counter. And your kitchen contract. And don’t worry, when you run out of projects at your house, you are welcome to come over here and start up all over again! 😉

  3. says

    LOL I loved the comment your daughter made. Seriously too funny!

    Great looking counters. We don’t have IKEA near us, but this would be great if we did. I am always looking for ways to get my potatos and banana’s off the counter.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am wondering about the white jars w/ blue lids, where did you get or did you just paint them? Also, what happen to the knives, and paper towel holder?
    LOVE IT….and want to do this, but in my bathroom.

    • says

      The jars were purchased at Target and the flower pot is from the Container store. My knives are in a wooden knife block which I moved to another section of the kitchen. I considered putting the paper towel roll right on the bar itself but it took up too much room. I’ve now moved that to under my sink.

    • Pam says

      Your knives could be placed between the stove&first basket(unless you don’t use them much). Just move the first basket down a little(since your fruit rack is on the counter). You could get an under-the-cupboard mount paper towel holder. I love mine! Out of the way yet always there!

  5. Anonymous says

    what a great idea for the bathroom !!! I’d put up the office type baskets for towels etc. even
    While I like it for the kitchen too – my problem is appliances not little clutter :(

    • says

      This system would work great in a bathroom, office, craft room, etc. I’m actually putting one up in my daughter’s room at the moment to hold her markers and colored pencils. It will be on the wall above her desk using the white caddies.

    • says

      The height from the bottom of my cabinets to the top of my counter measure 19.5 inches. The measurement from the bottom of the baskets to the top of the rail mounting measures 11.5 inches. I centered it so that I could see the top of the rail. I’ve seen it mounted (at IKEA) much higher up as well. Hope that helps!

  6. Anonymous says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for sharing this! I love this idea. Just wish I could purchase online from IKEA since I live 4 hours away from one. My husband has to have everything out on the counters and it drives me crazy! This will be our solution! lin

  7. says

    “…after way too many stud finder jokes the hardware was up.” Loved that line! I bought my single sister a “stud finder” for a gift once. She was not amused…
    I love Ikea, and my house is TINY. (500 sq. feet) with, if you can believe it, NO upper cupboards except for a tiny over-the-stove one! I am not even sure where I am going to put these, but I AM going to do this – you are an inspiration… Thanks so much…
    A new fan,

    • says

      I’m lucky to live near a new IKea, but I was just going to ask:’ Don’t they deliver? Can’t you order online?
      Or is there a similar product at another store?Bed, bath,& beyond, etc?

  8. says

    I have been using a similar system for several years and oddly enough, it too came from Ikea. It is brushed stainless steel and I’m getting tired of it, so may need to change to this pretty set in your kitchen! With the stainless set, it actually does have a ‘dish drainer’ that hooks onto it and a paper towel holder as well. I also have the stainless magnetic bar where my knives are on the wall. Since I had a daycare in my home for years, I also kept my daily used silverware in one of the caddies because I have very little drawer space and it was easier to grab!Love your kitchen!

  9. Kris Lee says

    This is so cute. I love IKEA, My cute 5 yr old grandson calls it “The Blue Store”. Have been wanting to do this for years, but just have never taken the step. However, I haven’t seen this style and like it much better than the other more modern look. I may have to just get this one. How much weight do the baskets hold?

    • says

      This style is goes with so many kitchens. Each basket in my kitchen varies but the heaviest one weighs about 5 lbs. Make sure they are mounted into the studs in your wall. Good luck!

  10. says

    At first I wasn’t so keen on it, but after looking at all of the pictures, I am hooked! It looks great! Asking the hubinator to do this! No more clutter! Awesome!!

    • Margaret says

      I can’t believe how positively rude you were to leave that remark. Obviously the phrase “if you can’t say something nice it is better to say nothing at all”….was never taught to you. If you repeat this to yourself when you start to type responses it would probably make a big difference in your propensity to be rude.

    • says

      After all these positive, love it comments, I burst out laughing when I read your “that’s just ugly” remark. As my aunt used to say that why there’s vanilla and chocolate. 😊

  11. Anonymous says

    Hello.. I love it too and curious how to find the flower pot from the Container Store. I looked and can not seem to locate it on their website. Maybe its gone. :( Very functional and pretty at the same time Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Anonymous says

    I really like this! Also, one should always keep ELECTRIC wires in mind when drilling or driving screws into a wall.

  13. says

    so I’m going to buy this system for my kitchen, but have to do so online! We don’t have a store near us. There are two different size rails and 2 different size caddys…do you know which sizes you bought?

  14. Anonymous says

    It looks lovely. One question though. Where do you keep your toaster & coffee pot? Those are things that are always on my counter.

  15. says

    Nice job. Questions:
    1. Are the canisters white-white or off-white?
    2. Are the baskets painted wire or coated wire? Now that you’ve used them a while, has the finish degraded (especially on the dish drainer basket)?

    • says

      The canisters are a white-white and were found at Target. The baskets are poster coated steel. They have been up for just over a year and show no wear on the finish whatsoever!

  16. says

    I like it BUT what about your small appliances where is your coffee maker, toaster, blender, stand mixer? A coffee maker can stay in use 8 hours a day for a stay at home java junky.

    • says

      I have a lot more counter space to the right of my sink. That is where the toaster over and is (and occasionally the coffee pot). Everything else is used sporadically so are kept in cabinets.

  17. says

    I absolutely love this and am totally going to do it in my kitchen! One question though, how long are the baskets? Are they the 7 3/4 inch long ones or the 11 3/4 inch long ones?

  18. Em says

    I am so glad I found your blog! We recently bought the fintorp series and I love it but the baskets are too small. I’ve been on an unsuccessful mission… Where did you find the the 11 3/4 hanging wire baskets?

    Your kitchen is fantastic!

    • admin says

      Thanks so much! I looked online and the larger baskets don’t seem to be available anymore. Hopefully they bring them back!

  19. says

    l love the way this looks. The only thing is, what you are first showing on your counters is not what you have in the baskets. They would look nice on the counter too. That is not clutter.

  20. tammi says

    Love this idea. It will work well and look awesome in my new kitchen.
    Showed my husband and he said “i love how is makes the clutter hidden and organizes the visual items”.
    It truly is fantastic.

  21. Christine says

    Looks great, but where did you end up putting the other things that were on your counter like the knife block and the paper towels?

    • admin says

      I have all my knives in a drawer. The paper towel goes on the Fintorp rod as well. I found an attachment as part of that system the last time I made a trip!

  22. Joanne Richel says

    I really like this idea, I live with my daughter, her son and her fiance who is real handy and think I will ask them to try this.
    I have a question … do you have an idea to end clutter over the top of an entertainment system? We have a nice piece that houses the TV, cable box, VCR and DVD players, with space for tapes and or games, but the top turns into a catch all for EVERYTHING. Thanks for any ideas.

  23. says

    My kitchen is so small and no matter what I try to come up with gets me every time. I am not a crafty person and wonder how hard it would be to install and cost. I have recently put a granit backsplash with glass border band and wonder if this is doable

  24. Michele says

    Thank you for the great idea to help declutter my kitchen. Where did you end up putting your paper towel holder & kitchen knife block (I also have these items on my countertops)?

    • admin says

      I have all my knives in a drawer. The paper towel goes on the Fintorp rod as well. I found an attachment as part of that system the last time I made a trip!

  25. Tamara McLeod says

    This is an awesome idea..One thing I wish you would tell us where the hooks & each item are located in the store as I’m unclear of what kind of hooks these are.

  26. Colleen B says

    WOW where do you live that you can get those baskets at a Dollar Store?? I love the idea but trying to find baskets even close to those I think will be impossible!!

    • admin says

      There was a misprint in the article that this idea was reposted in. The pole, baskets and hooks are all part of the Fintorp system at IKEA.

  27. John Jung says

    It would have been nice if you didn’t try to enhance the ‘after’ by better lighting. I see this all the time on before and after pictures. It definitely looks better, so why not show both in the same light?

  28. Marcia says

    I love this idea. So let me ask you this after reading every thing, the containers are from Target, baskets from IKEA. Where did you get the pole system and hooks is that also IKEA? I am so doing this in my kitchen! Love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Becky A says

        Love this idea and want to do it in my kitchen. I just noticed on the IKEA site that the hooks (the ones that come 5 to a pack) are available in two different sizes- 3″ and 4″. What size did you use? Hate the larger baskets not available any longer. Wonder if they still might have some in the stores somewhere?

        • Becky A says

          PS- I will have to hang this from under my cabinet due to having tile backsplash. With that thought, do you think the longer 4″ hooks would be better to use to give more clearance from where the rod is hung under the cabinet to the basket?

        • admin says

          I used the smaller size. It all depends on the clearance you have between the bottoms of your cabinets and your countertops.

  29. susan says

    love this where did you get the baskets with the hooks. would love to do this in my kitchen. Thanks Susan.

  30. Lori says

    where can I find th rails and basket like this? I am getting ready to move and would love to organize my kitchen this way. And also the hooks, not sure where to find them withee
    Thank you!

  31. Lori says

    I was wondering what size hooks you used? the ones in the 2 pack or the 5 pack…… I can’t seem to find the larger baskets….I hope they bring them back…..I think this looks fantastic and I am going to attempt :)

  32. victoria says

    I would love to mount this under my cabinet but i cant figure out how you would hang the baskets? could someone show me?

  33. Shirley says

    I know you’ve heard this a lot already but I had to chime in. LOVE THIS! Can’t wait to incorporate somewhere in my house. I may use more industrial looking hardware but the concept will be the same. There are so many variations that can be used. Hobby Lobby has a good selection of baskets and shopping can be done online. :)

  34. says

    I think this is a great idea. We install granite countertops everyday and never saw such a simple but useful solution. Using these baskets not only gives you much more counterspace, but also makes the cleaning of the countertops much easier. You definitely do not want those dust collectors over your kitchen countertops.

  35. Amber says

    This is wonderful! I am going to do this to our kitchen!

    I looked on the sites – what size rails did you purchase to get your total? They range in different sizes. Do the rails expand and contract or they just one length?

    Thanks for the information!

    • admin says

      I measured the length I wanted approximately and then just kept adding rails till I got to the correct length.

  36. says

    Hi there–doing this in my kitchen and I’ve looked on Ikea’s website and cant find those baskets–are they any others that work well for this idea? Thanks!

  37. says

    Hello, could you please direct me on where I can purchase all of the necessary products to do this? Especially the hooks. Thank You

  38. Regina says

    I have strong rails and hooks, up higher on the wall and I hang my pots and pans! Tiny kitchen, so I need to go up!

  39. Brittany says

    Beautiful, and so inspiring! My problem is I have actually lived in apartments with kitchens big enough to keep everything off the counters… But then I had roommates who didn’t see the point. (They didn’t see the point because they were never the ones to regularly wipe down the counters, grumble grumble.)

    Soon I will be living on my own, but studio kitchens tend to be tiny, with minimal drawer or cabinet space. This is a brilliant solution!

  40. Janet says

    I love this idea. However, my cabinet walls have tiles around and under all cabinets. Any suggestions of how I can do what you’ve done, and how I can do this in my kitchen.

  41. Barbie says

    So awesome!!!! I needed this post several weeks ago, however, I do want to say that a cheaper and easier way to do this is to buy a tension rod and paint it in bronzed oil ( my fav color!!!!) Put that under the cabinets and then go to the Dollar Store and u can use the plastic bins (also painted) along with some of the wire baskets with S hooks, curtain hooks, and a magnetic strip and Mason jar’s. It works out really well and I didn’t have to find a stud!!! Although I’m always on the lookout for one!!! Sorry LOL
    I put a clear coat over everything I painted and so far, so good. I really wish I would have used a pretty curtain rod though, I think I may just buy the ends and put them up for the “pretty” effect.
    Mine is super functional and super cheap.
    I never even thought about putting screws in my back splash…..

  42. Debbie M says

    Love this! I looked online at Ikea, found the rails & such, but I can’t find those wonderful baskets. Any ideas? Unfortunately the nearest store is over 400 miles away.

  43. says

    A pegboard wall allows for extra storage as well as display space. The inexpensive panels are fastened to the walls, then hooks from the hardware store are used to hang utensils and kitchen gadgets. Get the step-by-step instructions


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  2. […] Rails, Wire Baskets and Caddies: I have a long stretch of counter in my kitchen that on a typical day looks like this Actually that is not a typical day. On a typical day there are a pile of dishes on the dish towel. A tool or lunchbox or box of cereal is also on the counter. Not to mention (via No. 29 Design) […]

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