curtain inspiration for the porch

Now that the floor on my porch is completed and the paintbrushes have been put away I’m moving on to my windows. The porch has old jalousied windows with screens. They let in the breeze but are hideous to look at. They never look clean no matter how hard I scrub. I won’t be replacing them anytime soon so I began looking for ideas for covering them. I knew I wanted sheers since I still want to be able to see my yard and more importantly my children playing in the yard! 
I found some images of what was in my head. White sheers that billow in the breeze. The open feel with a little bit of privacy that only sheers can achieve.
via bhg

via shorpy
On a recent trip to Target I found my sheers. White, sheer with a subtle stripe to play off the larger stripe in the floor. I hung some up in front of one window and tested them out. Breeze, check. Can I see the kids in the yard, check. Does it feel a little more private in here, check.
To keep the cost down I came up with an interesting way to hang curtains. I wanted them to all flow together and also be able to move back and forth if I wanted to open the windows a bit more. I also wasn’ too keen on any curtain hardware breaking up the airy bright look. I was able to do that with some screw hooks, clamp sets, turnbuckles (device with screws which adjusts tension) and wire rope. 

A tutorial is coming soon to show you how I put the curtains up. It was so simple and painless. No drills or screws needed! 


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    I’ve been wanting to put up curtains on our porch all summer, No drills? No screws needed? Can’t wait! It’s coming together beautiful, like we had any doubts with your keen eye.

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