baby’s breath on the Christmas tree…

After the tree is bought and the lights are wrapped around and all the ornaments are put in place my tree is still not done. Not till the next day when I go out and buy some baby’s breath, cut it up and add it to the tree.  

I’m not sure how this started but I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager. Now that I have children and I see it through their eyes it is like little snowflakes on our tree.  It is a fun job for them to help with. Adding baby’s breath is also a great way to fill in the random gaps here and there on a natural tree. 

I love the ribbon look as well. The problem is so do my children, which means the ribbon is pulled and played with. I might have to wait a few years on that one.

What additions do you make on your tree? Do you use ribbons or maybe you are like me and baby’s breath is your finishing touch.


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    This is so pretty! Baby’s breath was one of my moms favorite, she found some one year when I was a teenager that was dried and had a little bit of silver glitter on it, she used it to fill one of our trees it was so pretty. We used it on one of the trees for a long time, that tree was always decorated in white and silver. I love the idea of using fresh baby’s breath!!

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    My mom used to buy the sparkly baby’s breath and put it on the tree – it always looked so pretty with the lights twinkling off of the sparkles. Merry Christmas!

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