house tour {the guest room}

My guest room has undergone a couple evolutions since we bought this home. When we first moved in it was a much larger room that we used as a playroom. We did a lot since then, but here is how it looked when I first laid my eyes on it…
The heating was converted to baseboard heat, the dark wood paneling was painted a warm white and Allure TrafficMaster vinyl plank flooring was laid over the existing tile. For three years it served as our playroom. 
Fast forward three years and it was worked on some more. This time walls were put up, a large walk in closet was created, a door was added and it became a guest room. It is actually more than that since it now houses the piano and some of my husbands books. He really likes books. 
It is a tiny room to handle all of this. We wanted a comfortable place for out of town guests to stay. The IKEA Hemnes daybed is a twin bed that opens up to a king. There is enough storage underneath to hold all the sheets and blankets for either option. 
The walk in closet was created out of a need for storage and a need to not see the support column in the middle of the room. When this room was a playroom we had two large Expedits caddy corner to each other. I had the contractor build the closet around one of the Expedits. It never moved during the whole process. It is now the storage place for everything from sleeping bags to hand me down clothes. It is still a work in progress…

We had considered turning the guest room into an office at first. I’m glad we held back since we have used it quite a bit for guests. They don’t feel like they are getting in our way and I feel like we have a cozy space that is ready at a moment’s notice. 

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