my Ballard Designs inspired artwork…

The other day I did something I haven’t done in a really, really long time. I painted. Not on a wall, not on a floor, but on a canvas.  I had seen some artwork in the Ballard Designs catalog and fell in love with it. I’d been scouring places for something to hang in my front entryway above my console table. Something colorful to add to the neutral colors on the wall. I loved the soothing blend of colors and the beachy feel of this piece. It reminded me of the beaches here on Cape Cod.  I just wasn’t too keen on the $450 price tag.
I decided to try out my own version. I bought a large canvas and some acrylic paint in shades of white, blues, green and brown. I traced out the general shape of the clouds and land and then just squirted some paint in each section. 

 I then painted and mixed and dabbed and spread until I liked what I saw. Lots of tiny layers.

I ended up with my own unique piece. It is in no way a perfect job and only remotely resembles the piece I got my inspiration from. But it does bring color and some texture to my front entryway. It is original and it only cost me about $40. If I get bored of it I can easily paint over my artwork and create something new. 


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    Love it! Funny I’ve been painting lately too. I don’t see a signature, don’t forget to sign it, you might not want to paint over it and it will be known as the piece that started everything. The first of the Christina series.

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